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Childhood Cancer

Did you know? Are you aware?

36 children in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer each day and at an average age of six-years-old.

1 out of 5 children diagnosed with cancer will not survive the disease.

The types of cancers that affect children are most often very different from those that affect adults.

Childhood cancer is not just one disease but is made up of a dozen types and countless subtypes of cancer.

Childhood cancer spares no socioeconomic, ethnic, racial or geographic class.

Pediatric cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in US children under 15 years of age.

The causes of most pediatric cancers are largely unknown and not strongly linked to lifestyle, unlike adult cancers.

2/3 of childhood cancer patients will develop long-lasting chronic conditions resulting from treatment.

The childhood cancer rates have been rising for the past few decades, and approximately 11,630 children in the US under the age of 15 will be diagnosed with cancer in 2013.

Cancer kills more kids than AIDS, asthma, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and muscular dystrophy combined.

In the last 25 years, only 2 drugs have been specifically developed for children's cancer.

Less than 5% of the federal government’s total funding for cancer research is dedicated to childhood cancers, and only about 3% of funds raised for the National Cancer Institute go directly to pediatric cancer research.

The funding for pediatric cancer research has gone down steadily since 2003.

Despite the facts, childhood cancer research is vastly and consistently underfunded and despite major advances in treatment, it is still critically important to conduct research and increase awareness regarding pediatric cancer!!

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