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Help change the lives of children battling cancer!  These warriors need all of our help. 


There are several options for you to get involved.  Contact us we are ready for you to HELP!!

Donations able us to help kids with cancer by either funding research for a cure or sending them gifts to spread joy.  Does your work match charitable contributions?

Besides the financial donations, there are all sorts of items that can be donated.  At your work have a toy drive!  Kira's Bucket of Love is filled with toys, stickers, coloring books, crayons, markers, games, or other items you can donate.  Help a child by sponsoring a
Bucket of Love for $25.  

Host a Cupcake Stand!  They are fun and easy.  You can have one at any location ... church, garage sale, sports event, festival, parade, fair or school activity.   

Peel Away Cancer One Sticker at a Time is a sticker collecting campaign.  Collect as many stickers as you can and mail them to us.  We include them in our Kira's Bucket of Love!



Find happiness and strength through giving to others.  Pay it forward!
We're always looking for volunteers.
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